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Obtain super effective Cleaning Chemicals, Glass Cleaners, Body Lotions, Body Washes, etc., from here at affordable prices!

About Us

Poor hygiene is one of the top causes of illnesses like gastroenteritis problems, flus, etc. Research suggest maintenance of hygiene is a sure shot way of maintaining optimum health. We at Gyan Enterprises, realize the importance of health & hygiene in everyday life and bring good hygiene to every home with our line of Air Freshener, Body Wash, Cleaning Chemical, Furniture Maintainer, Hygienic Surface Cleaner, etc. 

We know that cleaning the body and disinfecting spaces is important but what is more important is choosing the right sanitizing product. Many mass-produced and substandard cleaning chemicals and supplies are not even lab tested, which cause more harm than good. Therefore, we strictly associate with renowned brands like CENTELLA and KTRiQ, which are known for following high standards in product formulation and testing. Manufacturers of these brands are well versed with cleaning and disinfection procedures, and make products that give no-fuss cleaning experience with minimum effort. The Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaners of these brands are hypoallergenic and give excellent protection against various germs. As a trusted trader of products of these brands, we too contribute our bit as protectors of health and hygiene of people across the country. 

Our Aim

To keep pesky germs, viruses, infections and illnesses at bay by providing a range of effective personal care and hygiene products.

Quality Assurance 

We offer best grade hygiene and cleaning supplies that are directly sourced from manufacturers who have expertise in making eco-friendly, effective and economical products. They have fully equipped plants for producing bulk volumes of Air Freshener, Furniture Maintainer and Body Wash in harmony with our safety and quality standards. With their support, we deal in outstanding quality goods and pass on great savings to end buyers. Though we only procure quality personal care and hygiene products from top brands, we go an extra mile and further evaluate their effectiveness and quality. We conduct a number of simple to complex product testing methods based on:

  • Aroma
  • Skin friendliness
  • Cleaning & disinfecting quality
  • Toxin free nature
  • Packaging 

Our Future Plan 

Though currently we are selling products of other brands, soon we plan to launch our own brands by taking support of credible third-party manufacturers and manufacturing associates. 

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